With Frankenspiel we set out to create the best portable and wireless speaker systems in the world, ready for what we believe is another audio revolution: portable hifi for computers, smartphones and tablets, providing wireless music without compromise. Without the need for a network (WiFi hub, router or hotspot, or 3G connection), and without sacrificing sound quality through compression or in any other way.

For portable speakers to achieve our goals they need to provide a rich, full sound and be still be small enough to take anywhere. Using the most advanced technology available we are able to bypass the traditional speaker model. Instead of using two drivers (you may have heard of tweeters and woofers these are drivers), we use a single BMR Inventor Series driver (more on this later) to do the job of both. This means our speakers can be made much smaller while delivering the same output. But instead of having a detrimental effect on sound quality BMR actually produces a superior sound with better sound dispersion.