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This used to be the official website of Frankenspiel, but since November 2016 this domain is not owned by this company anymore. The current website of Frankenspiel is: .

Frankenspiel did have a Kickstarter project for a bluetooth speaker called the FS-X that was funded in April 2014.

After the Kickstarter project was funded the FS-X could be pre-ordered on a webshop on the Creative Genesis site. (see
At that time the site redirected to that webshop that existed for more than 2½  years. In January 2017 Creative Genesis removed the store.

At the moment there is no public email address or contact form anymore for customer service for people who pre-ordered a FS-X but didn’t receive it yet. When Creative Genesis removed the webshop pages they also removed the contact form they did have especially for Frankenspiel. And the site itself doesn’t have a have a public emailaddress , a contact form, a location or a telephone number at all (January 2017).

The creator of Frankenspiel does give updates on the project.
The backers and sometimes the creator give comments on the project.

Kickstarter backers of the FS-X started a community for people who ordered a FS-X on Kickstarter or on the Creative Genesis website.

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